Mangolicious -  a fantastic offer of mango-based dishes and drinks in June in Lucknow

This June, Ramada Plaza Lucknow is bringing a burst of tropical delight to your dining experience with “Mangolicious” – a unique Mango offer in Lucknow – at Brio Art Café. Offering an array of mango-based dishes and drinks alongside the regular menu, this special event is available for both lunch and dinner, making it a perfect culinary treat for mango lovers.

Mangolicious is a celebration of the king of fruits, mango, known for its luscious flavor and versatility. At Brio Art Café, the chefs have creatively crafted a selection of dishes that highlight the sweet and tangy essence of mango, transforming each meal into a vibrant, flavorful experience.

Start your meal with refreshing mango-infused beverages. Choose from a variety of drinks like the classic mango lassi, mango mojito, or the innovative mango basil cooler. These drinks are perfect for quenching your thirst and setting the tone for a delightful meal.

The appetizer menu features an exciting mix of flavors. Try the mango salsa served with crispy nachos, or the mango and avocado salad, which combines the creaminess of avocado with the sweetness of ripe mangoes. For something with a bit more kick, the spicy mango chicken wings are a must-try, offering a perfect balance of heat and sweetness.

For the main course, Brio Art Café offers a variety of dishes that incorporate mango in unique and delicious ways. Vegetarian options include mango paneer tikka, where chunks of paneer are marinated in a tangy mango sauce and grilled to perfection, and mango pulao, a fragrant rice dish studded with juicy mango pieces.

Desserts at Mangolicious are a true celebration of mango. Indulge in mango cheesecake, mango mousse, and the traditional mango kulfi, each offering a perfect end to your meal. Every dessert is designed to highlight the fruit’s natural sweetness and add a touch of tropical luxury to your dining experience.

The ambiance of Brio Art Café enhances the Mangolicious experience, with its chic décor and welcoming atmosphere. The café’s artistic vibe, combined with the tantalizing aroma of mango dishes, creates a perfect setting for a memorable meal.

Whether you’re a mango enthusiast or simply looking to try something new, Mangolicious at Brio Art Café offers a unique and delicious way to enjoy this beloved fruit. Visit Ramada Plaza Lucknow this June for lunch or dinner and immerse yourself in a mango-filled culinary adventure that promises to delight your senses and leave you craving for more. Don’t miss out on this limited-time Mango Offer in Lucknow that brings the best of mango season to your plate.

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