11.00 am – 11.00 pm

Ground Floor

Indian & Continental

Smart Casuals

Founded by Ankita Jaiswal, Brio Art Cafe’ is inspired by life.

Brio Art Cafe is your one-stop for everything art, nature, and conversations over your food prepared with seasonal and fresh ingredients. It’s an upscale, elegant place designed in an eco-friendly way to promote a sustainable environment along with the ‘go green, go natural concept.

Brio Art Café is committed to providing every guest with a memorable dining experience based on the twin pillars of sustainability & sustenance.

It is the perfect stopover to make your mornings blissful and evenings relaxed.

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A Blend of the Contemporary and Traditional Ethos

The design of the restaurant is a blend of contemporary and modern features which is inspired by life. Each piece on the wall at Brio Art Café has its own story and emotion & aims to promote Art and craft worldwide by preserving the jewels of yesterday and creating nature-inspired traditional art pieces. The Brio experience aims at binding your emotions into stories and art around us, amidst healthy & delicious food to savour!

The Brio Art Cafe Experience

Handmade, Sustainable Art

Visit the Brio Art House Store

The Brio Art House Store at Ramada Plaza by Wyndham Lucknow showcases an exclusive collection of handmade, handpainted, and nature-inspired art pieces, along with a curated range of home linen, decor, kitchenware & furniture.

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